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Explore Calderon River - Amazonas
Starting in Leticia - Trip code CR

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Adventure at Calderon River - Amazonas

Meet the Calderon River where you will discover a brand-new world full of biodiversity.

This is the most adventurous experience for those who are willing to discover the real Amazon jungle. The deep jungle hiking discovers not only the most beautiful flora and fauna, but also all the stories and knowledge of our local guides. They are willing to share their amazing survival skills for our visitors.


The trip offers a great opportunity to enjoy flora, fauna and landscapes of the region, especially as you pass through Calderon River, right next to Amacayacu National Park 


We would like to point out that the jungle will create new challenges for all of us! Be aware of these challenges and trust our local guides. They care about the personal well-being of each individual and the group.






Explore Tour Leader

Local Gide






Jungle Campsite





Trip Maximum 6

Explore Average 4


Day 1:
The sun rises over the sleepy town of Leticia as we gather our belongings and anticipation fills the air. With the promise of adventure ahead, we board the bus promptly at 8 a.m., our spirits high and hearts full of excitement. The journey takes us along winding roads, our eyes eagerly searching for glimpses of the untamed wilderness that awaits us.

As we reach the starting point, just twenty kilometers away from civilization, a sense of tranquility washes over us. We step out of the bus and set foot on the path that leads us deeper into the dense embrace of the jungle. Each step brings us closer to a world unknown, a world of vibrant foliage and unseen wonders.

The hours pass by, and our legs carry us tirelessly through the winding trails. Sweat glistens on our brows as we weave through the ancient trees, their branches reaching out like guardians of this mystical realm. With each passing moment, the symphony of nature envelops us, soothing our weary souls.

In the heart of the jungle, we pause to catch our breath and refuel our bodies with a much-needed lunch. Surrounded by the harmonious melodies of chirping birds and rustling leaves, we find solace in the simplicity of this moment. Energized and refreshed, we continue our expedition.

As dusk approaches, we find the perfect spot to establish our camp, our temporary haven in the wilderness. The tents rise amidst the towering trees, becoming our sanctuary for the night. The sun bids farewell, casting a golden hue over the horizon, and the nocturnal creatures stir in anticipation of their nightly symphony.

With the camp secured, we embark on a night walk, guided only by the faint glow of the moon and the whispering voices of the forest. Every step taken in the dark holds an air of mystery, as if the jungle itself is sharing its secrets with us. It's an exhilarating experience, and a sense of unity with nature washes over us.

We return to camp, our senses heightened by the nocturnal wonders we encountered. The aroma of dinner fills the air, mingling with the sounds of laughter and camaraderie. As we settle down for the night, the symphony of insects and distant calls of creatures lull us into a peaceful slumber, cradled by the heart of the jungle.

Trip Information

The Amazon region experiences a tropical climate characterized by high humidity and abundant rainfall throughout the year. It has two distinct seasons: the wet season, with heavy rains and occasional thunderstorms, and the dry season, marked by lower precipitation. Temperatures remain consistently warm, ranging from 75°F to 90°F (24°C to 32°C) year-round.

Geographical location

Three Borders Amazonas Colombia Peru Brazil.png

Rates & Pricing

This is your trip with your departure date, your private activities. We do not add you to a set itinerary, combine you with other people, or suggest that other people join your trip. The sample pricing of our Top of the Jungle Trips reflects lodging in indigenous villages, lodges in the rainforest and hotels (all located within reasonable distance of the adventures). However, we’ll design your travels with you, so if you have a special hotel request or want to opt for a mid-range level of lodging to reduce costs, we’ll be happy to adjust the itinerary accordingly. We include all meals, snacks, and interesting things we encounter en route – fruits you pick from trees, fish you catch, homemade candies or homemade beer. We are expert with dietary requirements like Kosher or vegan — and the opposite extreme as well. Tarapoto Amazonas JT’s amazing support, before and during your travels – rubber boots to keep you safe during jungle treks, hammoks and mosquito nets for safe and comfortable overnight in the middle of the jungle, well equipped first aid kits, communication equipment when available. Just arrive here with your essentials – we have all the extras. The key to your enjoyment is your Tarapoto Amazonas JT leader, who is with you throughout the expedition, always pushing you to try something new, challenge you physically, or mentally, or both. To better understand the logistics of “group size” and to give you a rough idea of what a custom private vacation with Tarapoto Amazonas JT will cost, here’s SAMPLE PRICING what the 3-day Expedition could cost per person for the following size groups and room sharing, in both peak and non-peak seasons same prices. We accommodate larger groups by adding guides, boats and equipment as needed, which gives you great flexibility in designing a trip with different levels of action for different people in your group. The important thing to remember is that everything we do, from trekking in the jungle to fishing in the river — is private for you. No lines, no buses, no compromising how hard you want to push, or how softly.

Group size
In Spanish
In English

IMPORTANT: Prices listed above are displayed in Colombian pesos, per person, and your final price depends on the group type (In English or Spanish) on how many people will be in your self-formed group, your preferences for action, and the specific dates of travel.

Not included:  alcoholic beverages, and (optional) tips for the guides.

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