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Javari Expedition - Explore Amazonas
Starting in Leticia - Trip code JE

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Javari Expetion - Explore Amazonas

Calling all intrepid explorers and nature enthusiasts!

Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, where the Javari Expedition Tour awaits, ready to ignite your spirit of adventure and awaken your connection to the natural world. Are you ready to embark on a transformative experience like no other?

Immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of one of the world's last untouched frontiers. This expedition takes you deep into the Javari River, an enchanting realm nestled within the Amazon rainforest. Here, the symphony of wildlife, vibrant flora, and ancient traditions of indigenous communities beckon you to embark on a voyage of discovery.

As you venture forth, leaving civilization behind, a world of wonders unveils itself.


Picture this: Departing from the bustling town of Leticia, your journey commences as you navigate the sinuous waters of the Amazon River. The verdant shores bear witness to a thriving ecosystem, where life pulsates in every corner. The scent of adventure fills the air, and your anticipation grows with each passing moment.Prepare to be humbled by the hospitality and wisdom of indigenous communities who call this pristine paradise their home. You'll have the extraordinary opportunity to engage in their daily rituals, embracing their age-old traditions and forging connections that transcend boundaries. Their resilience and harmony with nature serve as a profound reminder of the importance of sustainable living.







Jungle Campsite



Explore Tour Leader

Local Gide







Trip Maximum 10

Explore Average 6


DAY 1:
As the sun casts its golden rays over the lush Amazon rainforest, your journey begins. Departing from the enchanting town of Leticia at 9 a.m., you embark on a remarkable adventure that will forever ignite your passion for nature and sustainable exploration. 

Aboard a tranquil boat, gently navigating the mighty Amazon River, you feel a sense of awe as you witness the awe-inspiring ecosystem unfolding before your eyes. The rhythmic flow of the water serenades your soul, preparing you for the wonders that lie ahead.

After an hour, you arrive at an indigenous village, a vibrant hub of culture and traditions. With warm smiles, the locals welcome you into their world, inviting you to experience their way of life. A short, picturesque walk of approximately 20 minutes leads you to the humble abode of a local indigenous family, where you will find sanctuary during your stay.

In this serene setting, you find solace and connection with nature. Your accommodation, nestled harmoniously within the surroundings, immerses you in the spirit of the rainforest. As you settle in, a world of possibilities unfolds.

Immerse yourself in the art of artisanal fishing, where time seems to stand still. Feel the excitement ripple through your veins as you try your hand at traditional fishing techniques, passed down through generations. With each catch, a sense of harmony between humans and nature is fostered.

As noon approaches, tantalize your taste buds with a traditional lunch, prepared with love and care. The flavors dance upon your palate, a testament to the richness of the local cuisine. Energized and inspired, it's time to embark on a jungle walk, guided by indigenous experts who possess a profound understanding of the rainforest's secrets.

Venture deeper into the emerald green labyrinth, your senses heightened by the sounds, scents, and sights that envelop you. With every step, you find yourself in the presence of majestic wildlife, hidden away in their natural habitat. Marvel at the monkeys swinging gracefully through the canopy, colorful birds soaring overhead, and elusive creatures peering from the shadows.

As the golden hour nears its end, you bid farewell to the heart of the jungle, returning to the warmth and comfort of the indigenous family's home. The evening unveils a traditional dinner, infused with local flavors and accompanied by stories shared around a crackling fire. The tapestry of indigenous culture unravels before your eyes, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

Trip Information

The Amazon region experiences a tropical climate characterized by high humidity and abundant rainfall throughout the year. It has two distinct seasons: the wet season, with heavy rains and occasional thunderstorms, and the dry season, marked by lower precipitation. Temperatures remain consistently warm, ranging from 75°F to 90°F (24°C to 32°C) year-round.

Geographical location

Three Borders Amazonas Colombia Peru Brazil.png

Rates & Pricing

This is your trip with your departure date, your private activities. We do not add you to a set itinerary, combine you with other people, or suggest that other people join your trip. The sample pricing of our Top of the Jungle Trips reflects lodging in indigenous villages, lodges in the rainforest and hotels (all located within reasonable distance of the adventures). However, we’ll design your travels with you, so if you have a special hotel request or want to opt for a mid-range level of lodging to reduce costs, we’ll be happy to adjust the itinerary accordingly. We include all meals, snacks, and interesting things we encounter en route – fruits you pick from trees, fish you catch, homemade candies or homemade beer. We are expert with dietary requirements like Kosher or vegan — and the opposite extreme as well. Tarapoto Amazonas JT’s amazing support, before and during your travels – rubber boots to keep you safe during jungle treks, hammoks and mosquito nets for safe and comfortable overnight in the middle of the jungle, well equipped first aid kits, communication equipment when available. Just arrive here with your essentials – we have all the extras. The key to your enjoyment is your Tarapoto Amazonas JT leader, who is with you throughout the expedition, always pushing you to try something new, challenge you physically, or mentally, or both. To better understand the logistics of “group size” and to give you a rough idea of what a custom private vacation with Tarapoto Amazonas JT will cost, here’s SAMPLE PRICING what the 3-day Expedition could cost per person for the following size groups and room sharing, in both peak and non-peak seasons same prices. We accommodate larger groups by adding guides, boats and equipment as needed, which gives you great flexibility in designing a trip with different levels of action for different people in your group. The important thing to remember is that everything we do, from trekking in the jungle to fishing in the river — is private for you. No lines, no buses, no compromising how hard you want to push, or how softly.

Group size
In Spanish
In English
COP $1'250.000
COP $1'600.000
COP $1'350.000
COP $1'500.000
3 - 4
COP $1'250.000
COP $1'400.000
5 - 6
COP $1'050.000
COP $1'200.000

IMPORTANT: Prices listed above are displayed in Colombian pesos, per person, and your final price depends on the group type (In English or Spanish) on how many people will be in your self-formed group, your preferences for action, and the specific dates of travel.

Not included:  alcoholic beverages, and (optional) tips for the guides.

Availability to join
a group last minute

Trip name
Available spots
Javari Expedition In Spanish
COP $1'050.000
Javari Expedition In English
COP $1'200.000
Javari Expedition In Spanish
COP $1'250.000

NOTE: To confirm this plan with different departure dates, please contact us on whatspapp.

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