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Corporate Trip Planning

is a service for enterprises, schools and any organization planning to visit with large groups of people (more than 10 pax), looking still for eco friendly activities to share with locals and visitors. We can organize trips depending on every group interests, spliting into smaller groups to guarantee a genuine experience, visiting the Amazon rainforest and river.

All Inclusive Travel Planning

offers packages with Airport / Airport service, all in one. If you want to spare some details booking eco friendly accommodation, tours, transport and meals, we can help you arrange the whole journey (starting and ending at Leticia's airport). You let us know your flight schedule and we will create an itinerary that fits your schedule with no delays.

Our Services

  • Your adventure starts here

    1 hr

  • Discover Calderon River where you will explore a brand-new world full ...

    96 hr

    1,500,000 Colombian pesos
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