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Plants from The Amazonia

In the Equator, the climate of the Amazon has less difference between the rainy season and the dry season: also during the dry season, there are always rains, and so the plants that do not endure dry periods know how to survive, in addition to those that do know tolerate less rainy seasons.

 However, when you go to the Amazon jungle do not expect to see an abundant flowering of one or a few species of flowers: the jungle is so rich in species that it almost never shows a large number of plants or trees blooming in abundance. The flowers appear unexpectedly, one jewel at a time. To better explain the ecology of the rainforest, we selected photos of Amazonian flowers from our photo collection.   The warm and humid conditions of the rain forest provide optimal conditions for the plants. Consequently, many more species are found in the tropics than in temperate climates. Currently more than 600,000 plant species have been identified for the rainforest and scientists are still discovering new species and giving them names of jungle plants every day.

Amazonas Colombia

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